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More and more companies look at their human resources as a real potential to protect and encourage . Every good personnel manager knows that the person is able to give their best when it is fully integrated with the rest of the team.

Until a few years ago only the multinationals used to take team building experiences, but now, even smaller companies have realized the proven effectiveness of these activities.

The team building activities are simply group experiences that aim to improve internal relations, to discover a renewed confidence in colleagues and develop leadership skills .

Smart Events, an experienced company in this field, is able to provide the best activities tailored to the needs of the customer.

Welcome Swiss asked our service Teambuilding Carton Boat. The team building goal is to create, in a fixed period of time real boats of carton and to make a competition ( to verify the real floating ) in a pond of water. It seems , on the surface, a trivial activity , but the teams can follow the instructions to build the boat or vacate their creativity. Also on this experience, we have seen the fancy of people flow and cooperative spirit among colleagues reinforce, confirming once more the incredible capacity of teambuilding activities.

It was a source of great satisfaction to see all the goals achieved and receive the heartfelt thanks of the customer.
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