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The Wheel of Fortune

Are you ready to try your luck?
The Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune team building is based on the well-known tv-show and it engages participants in a set of challenges aimed at testing their skills, knowledge and artistic talents.

The tasks that the players will be required to perform can vary, but they generally include singing, dancing, acting and answering questions of various topics. It all revolves around luck: each spin of the wheel can randomly saddle a player with a simple or complex task.
The participants are divided into teams and they take turns spinning the wheel and carrying out the required tasks as best they can. A competent and impartial jury will assign a score to each performance. The team that ends the evening with the highest score will be awarded a prize.

The main goal of this activity is the strengthening of team spirit. The whole event should be entertaining and relaxing and it should take place ideally during a corporate dinner.
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