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Team me Up

Cunning, skill and technology: discover the beauty of Italian cities
Team me Up
In this game, participants are divided into teams and given a series of tasks, that they will have to carry out by using their assigned iPads to gather information on routes, clues and missions (which will be customised to your needs).

Each task is activated when the team reaches a specific position, as indicated on their iPad, which effectively adds an element of orienteering to each challenge.

We can devise a specific theme – for instance, by referencing a movie that was shot in the city in which the team building programme is taking place – and then use it as a cue to explore the city – or we can get inspired by the city’s own history, quirks and characteristics. We can adapt the programme to any theme you choose.

The briefing and de-briefing phases are excellent times to remind the participants of these activities’ purpose and theme.

We planned bespoke Team Me Up events for many of our clients. For Unicredit, we planned a Team Me Up based on the company values. We used the same format (with different themes) in two events for Heineken. For Aveda, we picked a superhero theme. Please look at our portfolio for more info.
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