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Team Cooking Home Made

Let's spice up the day!
Team Cooking Home Made
We thought about organizing 2 remote team cooking activities, here's a brief taste of what you'll experience:

The time has come to give inspiration and excitement to your sad lunch boxes that have accompanied your lunch breaks for years now. In this activity you will be divided into groups. Each group will have to take charge of some ingredients that are easy to find at home, and by mixing them you will have to bring out your best dish. Who will become the new king of lunch boxes ?!
The time available will not be much, a bit like it happens every evening before going to work, but you will have the opportunity to prepare for a live demonstration; or you can prepare it calmly and then share it with colleagues, presenting it and tasting it all together.

Who of us, in recent months, has not tried, out of need or passion, to become a chef?! Who among you has not watched tutorials or attended online cooking classes to bake the best pancakes or cook the best risotto ever ?! Here, in this activity we will give you the opportunity to become the best chefs of your office! Starting from a recipe that our staff will show you in a video tutorial, leaving you total freedom in choosing your culinary creations, you will have to go through all the stages of the recipe, step by step, and the best result (at least visual) will be rewarded!
We offer this activity as a single activity (challenge) or we give each team the task of creating a multiple course menu, in which each team member will have to prepare a course of your "streaming dinner". We will of course give you time to prepare your dish and we can organize it as live activity or we can meet at the end of the activity so that you can present it to all your colleagues and of course to our jury of acclaimed chefs!

In addition to these 2 formats, we can create the ideal home made team cooking, sharing ideas and timelines with your company, without placing any limits on creativity.
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