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Team Building Wine Tasting

Here's a sip of our wine, Sir.
Team Building Wine Tasting
Team building Wine Tasting, is a novelty in activities that help the team spirit in business.

The scheme is simple: it is about to be able to enjoy good wine with the help of a professional sommelier and then engage in a competition in which, divided into teams, you must recognize the wines tasted before. It will not be easy as you will be blindfolded and will therefore have to rely only on your taste buds.

Wine is a product that requires a lot of care and preparation. It takes patience and attention to details. Things that will reward not only during the activity, but also in the corporate context.
Thanks to the explanations of the sommelier will learn to understand how much love and effort behind the preparation of a glass of wine of high quality, today, one of the great Italian products that are popular in the world.
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