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Team Building Wine Tasting

Wine is sunlight, held together by water
Team Building Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting is a new entry among team building activities and it provides a real boost to team spirit and motivation.

The programme is simple: participants are taught the basics of wine tasting by a professional sommelier. They are then challenged to a competition in which, after dividing into teams, they will have to recognise the wines they tasted during the training. To make the task more difficult, they will be blindfolded and will therefore have to rely exclusively on their senses of smell and taste.

Wine is a complex product, which requires great care and competence. Patience and attention to detail are the trademarks of a good sommelier. Incidentally, they are also incredibly useful qualities to have in the workplace. The training part of this exercise is also highly educational and it illustrates all the work that goes into one glass of fine wine – to this day, Italian wines are considered to be among the best in the world.

Among other similar events, we’d like to invite you to check out the wine-tasting team buildings we planned for Sunstar and Adecco.
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