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Team building Thrilling and role-playing games

The thrilling games or RPGs (role – playing game) represent a team building category lately becoming more and more popular.
The pathos of the thrill, of the investigation and of all those activities that asks for intuitive effort and action fascinate the competitors and create that team work that usualy is crucial in order to organize this kind of event.
We are often asked to organize Urban Team Building or a City Game as per goal to visit and explore the city in a original way while having fun. It could be created as a simple treasure hunt or it could be personalized with a company’s theme, but what we can assure is that having fun is what the result of this acitivty is. Among various scenarios offered, one of the most valuable solutions is the one using Ipad, that makes your team building 2.0 and brings you one step ahead of a time.

Among various activities we offer there are dinner or weekends with crime, assault reporters and the team me up, one of the most customizable activities, although in reality they are all team building activities that can be tailor-made based on to the needs of the company.

Within the thrilling team building and team building city games we often include activities related to the world of entertainment, as if they were the real pills of Music and Theatre Team building
Team building murder mystery dinner Milan

Team building murder mystery dinner

Murder by Death Company, a team building that offers a business education through a Murder by Death
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Team building chroniclers assault Milan

Team building chroniclers assault

A fascinating teambuilding that is going to stimulate the ability to read the world around us and the communication skills
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Team building reality game Milan

Team building reality game

Based on the most popular tv quiz shows, this is an activity that breaks out the initiative spirit also between the less extroverts.
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Gps Hunting

Investigation activity to be carried out in teams equipped with GPS technology, chasing the runaway ... in the most beautiful cities in Italy
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Mystery room

Mystery Room

Emigma to solve, mysteries to unravel, codes to decipher. This teambuilding activity uses logic and intuition to motivate teamwork.
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Spy game

Spy Game

A new world, made up of: informers, spies, clues, alliances and traces. All that matters is how you hold the cars
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Photo Competition

Photo Competition

Explore the beauty of the landscape with this creative and dynamic competition for this Photo team building
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Team Up

Team me Up

Cunning, Technology and Skills! These are the weapons to lead your team on an exciting adventure discovering marvelous cities
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Leonardo's Secrets

Leonardo's Secrets

Discover the secrets of Leonardo's works of incomparable value in Milan, by combining creativity, curiosity and imagination
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