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Team Building Rafting

Among the rapids and the waterfalls, all together!
Team Building Rafting
This team building activity that takes consists of crossing a river on a dinghy: it appears easy and without emotion, but it's much more than this!
Among the team building activities outdoor, this one is full of adrenalin: descending a river with the stream that becomes stronger and stronger is an unique sensation.
Each second is a challenge and during this experience, the team gets reinforced.

All starts with the supply of diving gear, shoes in neoprene, helmet, life jackets, and with the essential explanation of the instructor that will be the helmsman.
This coprporate team building is very esteemed, because in addiction to be fun and captivating, participantsexperience unexpected and different situations, learning that only facing difficulties as a team, in which all the members are equally important, they can pass adversity.

It's a perfect occasion to create ability in problem solving, leadership, resources coordination, and trust in their means and friends.

We organized this team building for Voyage Privè.
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