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Team building Drum circle

Sitten in a circle creating creative and hypnotizing rhythms
Team building Drum circle
Through the power of rhythm and music, this teambuilding is capable of creating a strong potential of energy between the participants.

Led by a facilitator (a kind of conductor of the orchestra of drums), participants will be guided in order  to create more and more complex and fascinating rhythms that in the end lead to the creation of a unique, and powerful tune.

The Drum Circle has recently got popular as a team building activity because it has the aspect of a ritual that regenerates the batteries of human resources, and the working group.
In the drum circle everyone is equal, there is no form of hierarchy, from the first to the last participants, they all share the same energy giving their input.

This team building, as you can imagine, is  suitable for everyone, and while requiring a very relaxed environment, gives in exchange an experience that has few equals in terms of effectiveness over the medium term.

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