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Team Building Musical

Recite, dance and sing!
Team Building Musical
Musical is one of the show more captivating that surprises, enjoy and move us. The peculiarity of musical is that an only magic word contain recitation, dance, sing and music! All this disciplines melt and actors are in a perfect accord to give life to an amazing show.

This is the aim of the team building activity musical: propose a team building that is able to increase comunication, talent and esteem of individuals and group.

Business team building musical involve an high number of partecipants and everyone will give his contribution. To play a show, metaphore of a working project, are necessary more team that work together with the same aim.

To write the script, create clothes, choreograph, draw scenic design are activities that stimulate fantasy but is also important the relationship sphere: listening, relating, coordinating, respectin.

Everything will be supervised by our staff that follow every activity phase.

The spirit of this team building is work together, dividing tasks, comparing and summing up the ideas, to overlook the stage successfully!
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