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Team building murder mystery dinner

Discover the guilty team!
Team building murder mystery dinner
For an investigative spirit, we suggest the team building dinner with murder, to have a different night where a simple dinner gets changed in a charming experience.

This team building activity allows to create different team that will face to guess the assassin in different moment prepared during the dinner.
Each team sits in a different table so there is no the risk of listening to the intuition and reading the other notes.
In addiction to the group work there is competition and shiver of challenge. A troupe of actors will play a murder, throught different act, and will give evidence to solve enigmas and have all the elements to guess the murderer.
Sharpen your wits!
At the end of the tasty dinner there will be prizegiving of the winner team.

This kind of team building indoor was tested on a longer period than 2/3 hours of dinner, as a weekend coloured of yellow.
In this more complex version are involved different places and actors and often create an itinerary where in each stop-over you can get some evidences.
The sets that charmed and fascinated are castle, ancient mansion, a deserted farmhouse, where emphatize easily with the actors.

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