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International Games

Your personal olympic games
International Games
Team building International Games is one of the easiest, playful and funny activity that we can offer for people of every age, sex and physical condition.

This team building activity starts with the division of the participants in different team. After this, there is a briefing with the explanation of the different tests that participants must pass.
The different games can be personalized in according to the type of participants, creating activity of different levels of difficulty. They can be physical, logical, creativity tests but there aren't limits to fantasy!

In addiction to the playful and fun part of the team building games without boarder, is important consider that this type of activity generates mechanisms of aggregation, competitiveness and ability for problem solving.

We have organized this team building for Griffon & Romano with both physical activities like human foosball and tug-of-war, but also logical and intuitive as the tube and the blind game. 
The strong point of this team building is that it can be personalized and adapted to many situations, for Alleanza Assicurazioni we have organized the summer version on the beach and the winter version on the snow. But it could be placed also indoors as we did for Accenture.

It's perfect like Incentive team building in view of prizes and satisfaction for participants. We test the Bankasa's employees determination with a real Triathlon divided into 3 tests: kayak, running race and bike; with the background of the beautiful landscape of the island of Menorca.
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