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Cooking Team Building

Use your creativity to cook!
Cooking Team Building
Nobody knows better than Italians how important a good kitchen is for interpersonal relationships!

Our team building stimulates the ability of working in team and could be personalised at the same time in order to create competition between different teams while discovering the pleasure of conviviality, of cooking together. In the kitchen tasks are divided, participants have fun while giving their best to create delicious food.

On the other hand they have to present the strong, united team, motivated and able to work autonomously and together, to collaborate and develop new strategic ideas in order to achieve their goal.
We can choose variety of themes for our cooking classes. We can also make a quiz based on what has been done and spice up the game, make it even more dynamic and competitive. Organizing a cooking team puts together different concepts in order to create the sharing one.

The group will be divided in different teams, each team will have different meal to prepare having at disposal all the necessary ingredients, and the equipment to do so. In the end, if you wish, the food could be served to all participants, and the juiry for the award nomination will be composed of italian chefs. They will decide who won the competition and cooked the best meal.
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