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Team building chroniclers assault

Read the world around you!
Team building chroniclers assault
A perfect business team building in Milan fit for a group that don't fear take a challenge and show your personality.
Starting with a case story or  invented news, will give vent to the spirit of reporter in us! The team building activity “ stormin reporter”  allow to partecipants to express their ideas, create news in the way they consider opportune and communicate according to their nature choosing any communications medium.
You can have the opportunity to do video, use conventional methods as printed paper or use more modern communicative methods that can amaze the final interlocutor.
An original team building that allow to underline different expressive forms of individual or group,  highlighting especially the communicative ability and creating at the same time a funny and active moment.
News can be give directly, throught news, social network, a list or a guerrilla action.
If news is invented, team building will be funnier because everything can happen! Scoop will be revealed but only one of the reporters will win the Pulitzer price!
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