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Team Building Carton Boat

Will it float?
Team Building Carton Boat
This is a test of sport ability but above all of technique, which also implies a creative use of his intelligence. What is this original Team Building?

In practice each team are delivered pieces of cardboard of standardized measures and a certain amount of insulating tape. Each team, generally composed of two to a maximum of four competitors, must build with these materials a boat that is able to float.

This creative team building activitiy is an incredibly exciting when you make a cardboard boat and discover that floats and you can navigate on it! Carton boat race proved to be always very exciting adventure for all the companies that have ventured there.

And it is unnecessary to add that it is also super funny!

We have organized Carton Boat team building for: Bestway Corp, Aveda, Accenture e Espresso Communication.
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