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Paint Company

Paint your promotion!
Paint Company
Each team will work on a canvas or a panel, and the resulting masterpiece will feature everyone’s work!

The subject to be painted can be agreed beforehand – for instance, participants may be required to recreate the company logo or any specific image that is considered representative of company values. All teams will express their creativity and, at the end of the exercise, the panels or canvasses will be combined into one, collective picture, which will be the ultimate winning artwork.

There’s more to this amazing team buildings: teams won’t be given ordinary art supplies such as paint or watercolours. Instead, they will have to employ unusual materials and objects which we will provide.

This activity is particularly suited for companies that want to convey an important message to their employees or mark a relevant change in corporate identity.

We planned a Paint Company Team Building for C&A, to mark the launch of a new business concept

The Paint Company Team Building we planned for Sixt Car was meant to celebrate a colleague who was leaving the company
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