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Music and theatre Corporate Team Building activities are certainly among the most sought after for those who want to get involved in the play and test themselves. Recital, singing, dancing and interpretation are the heart of these two team building categories and in order to have perfect guides for the performance of these activities we collaborate with professionals specialized in individual disciplines as actors, directors, choreographers, musicians, and singers. It often happens that the music and theatre mix and become one activity only, as for example the realization of a musical or the reinterpretation of the famous wheel of fortune.

In order to approach better this kind of corporate team building activity it is necessary to learn how to listen to yourself, and to eachother, giving always free rein to your creativity; and this is why it happens often that music and theatre team building is also classified as a creative team building.

Our team organizes all the activities also in english, and our forte is personalizing these activities, offering tailor made projects based on our client’s brief.
The Wheel of Fortune Team Building

The Wheel of Fortune

This team building activity uses chance and luck to challenge participants in engaging tasks to prove their talent!
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Team Building Radio Team Milan

Team Building Radio Team

Count communication skills, verbal and para-talker. The tone of voice, the rhythm, the director ...3...2..1...on air!
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Team Building Drum Circle Milan

Team building Drum circle

A team building in which you use the drum circle playing together to create rhythms with drums and percussions, a strong energy that affects everyone.
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Team building chroniclers assault Milan

Team building chroniclers assault

A fascinating teambuilding that is going to stimulate the ability to read the world around us and the communication skills
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Team building musical Milan

Team Building Musical

Stimulate your fantasy with the magic of a musical and get the power of gathering people together and wiping down barriers
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Team building Corporate Short Milan

Movie Making Team Building

An operator and a director for each team in order to find the everyday problems' solutions and.... Action!
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Team building theater in Milan

Team building corporate theater

Take a challenge, leave shyness and uncertainty and develop awareness that in each person there is the solution.
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Drum Home

Drum Home

A musical team building based on rhyme and tempo, in which you will have to create your own home made percussion instrument and create a corporate Jingle!
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Team Building Videoclip Challenge

Videoclip Challenge

A musical team building in which, togheter with your team, you will have to create your company song taking care of both video and the text, like in a real video clip!
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Team Building Actor's Studio

Actor's Studio

Seek your best Oscar interpretation, sharing it with colleagues, so as to participate in the nominations for best leading actor.
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Team Building Sequence Shot

Sequence Shot

A theatrical team building in which you will have to coordinate yourselves with your teams to recreate a great Hollywood scenography, so as to become movie icons... in a team!
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