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Team Building The Amazing Race for ICT


Customer Request

Smart Eventi
organized an incentive trip for its customer ICT during which the guests participated to a team building activity to make the group more cohesive and to give an added value to the experience, that besides being pleasant has been very useful from the formative point of view.

We chose an amazing location situated on Garda Lake, which gave the guests the possibility of chilling during the day, but also to admire a wonderful landscape.
The participants stayed at an elegant and refined 4 star-hotel with an amazing view on the lake, to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

The activity that we proposed for the team building was perfect for the location where it was organized: it is in fact The Amazing Race team building, an activity which gather the recreational aspect to a bit of healthy competition, through different races in which the teams challenge themselves.

The participants learn to collaborate among them by having fun, gathering their abilities to achieve a common objective.
The day ended with a dinner animated by a quiz game, in which the guests committed using their knowledge to win the competition.

Achieved Objectives

The aim of the activity has been achieved leaving the customer very satisfied because we managed to offer the employees a formative experience which was both pleasant and amusing at the same time and which left an amazing memory of the experience they lived together.
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