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Team Building Company Theatre for Grundfos


Customer Request

contacted us to organise a team building which proposed an educational activity aiming at involving the participants in an active way.

We proposed an activity which involved all the guests in first person, making them the main characters of the day: the company theatre.

It is an original team building, based on improvisation and team work, which has the target of guiding the participants through an acting path which helps them to express themselves.
During the activity they've been guided by our theatre teacher, who helped them giving some precious tips too.

Some fundamental topics for the company has been touched during the team building, according to our customer's specific request, and the participants reacted in a positive way, working ad if they were a real theatre company.

Achieved Objectives

The activity had a great success among the guests, who participated in an active way improvising on the stage as if they were real actors.
Besides being an amusing activity it has been useful from the personal point of view too because it valorised the ability of expressing theirselves in front of an audience.
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