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Gospel Choir Team Building

Gospel choir team building: let your voice be heard
Gospel Choir Team Building
Singing together with others, particularly in a choir, helps boost self-confidence and mood, and it fosters team spirit.

Gospel is a well-known musical genre, which has found its highest expression in African-American churches’ choir. First codified as a genre between the 20s and 40s, it is unique in its rhythmic and expressive intensity.

This team building activity is not about challenging each other and being competitive, but rather it aims at highlighting the unique qualities of each team member and of the team as a whole. Each individual participant, as they are engaged in the collective effort, will feel a true sense of belonging to their team.

Everyone is upheld as a unique asset to their team. Just like, within a company, everyone should invest their own talents, skills and goodwill in being part of a team and working towards shared goals.

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