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Gift Building

Creative and social team building that will teach you how to create your next gifts with recycled materials
Gift Building
Is it Christmas, Easter or an important anniversary close by?
Why not organize a team building in which you will give space to your creativity and make gifts for your colleagues, customers or families ?!

These could be objects made of recycled materials, or culinary products such as biscuits and chocolate eggs.

It can also be an opportunity to take a beneficial and social action by donating the things you have made to non-profit associations or raising funds from the sale of the same, perhaps organizing a sale in the squares of your city!

The gift is an action rich in meaning. Donating is a social action and as such is covered with psychological aspects and is governed by social rules that qualify relationships.

The gift is a personal message that reflects different aspects of personality. Its social nature allows us to identify rituals both in those who make the gift and in those who receive it.
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